Cleaning Tips


We care about your clothes

Staining clothes

  • Once you stain your clothes do not put water, salt or any other products that are sold in supermarkets on your stains.
  • Bring your dirty or stained clothes immediately within the next 3 days. The faster you bring them to Net Express the better result you get.

Clothes Care at home

  • Do not cut off the washing/dry cleaning code in your clothes. If there is a sign “no washing”, please do not wash at home.
  • Regularly renew moth products like cedar wood etc. Specialized moth care products are sold from in our shops.
  • Don’t store fur, your duvet or clear colors and white in plastic garments. Get a 100% cotton garment in different sizes at Net Express – just ask for it in any Net-Express-Shop.
  • Delicate wool and cashmere should not be washed with water. Your cashmere pullover will last for much longer by giving it to Net Express.