Handbag Cleaning

The perfect handbag for an outfit can quickly become a treasured possession, an investment piece that lasts season after season. But handbags, clutches, totes and satchels have a tough life – they’re rained on when we’re outside, we put them down on the floor, we touch them constantly to open, close or adjust them. The Net Express handbag restoration service utilizes a textile expertise to clean, restore and even repair your investment bag.

Our service covers leathers, suede, fabric and embellished bags. After careful cleaning, the Net Express team uses fillers to bring back deep scratches to an even surface and apply dyes and pigments to replace and blend away color variation, perfect for faded or bleached leather.

Treatments required for handbag cleaning and restoration are dependent on a number of factors including the style and size of bag, it’s textural composition and color and the extent of wear and tear. The price for restoring a bag is therefore quoted on an individual basis.