The Seven Stages of Dry Cleaning

Our customers trust us to care for their clothes and household textiles. To ensure the same quality standard and meticulous attention to detail is given to every garment that comes through our doors, Net Express developed the Seven Stages of Garment Care. Click on each of the stages below to find out more about the care your pieces will enjoy.

  1. Evaluation
    Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning. This includes measuring from blocking when required, button or ornamental protection or removal, surface and structural surveying, and evaluating for serviceability.
  2. Stain Removal
    Performed by professionals trained over years using proven traditional and the most advanced modern techniques in treating specialist textiles.
  3. Cleaning
    The Net Express expert team will consider the material, construction and detailing of each garment before recommending the most appropriate treatment, including dry cleaning, laundering or hand cleaning.  Should your item require dry cleaning, you can be assured that we will not treat your garment with harsh, toxic chemicals. Regardless of the type of cleaning your item requires, Net Express will always employ the finest technology and only the purest and greenest of cleaning methods.
  4. Hand Finishing
    All your garments are hand-ironed to the highest standard.
  5. Minor Repairs
    Net Express opens seams, reattaches loose buttons, replaces missing buttons etc. Thus your garment is returned to you looking like new.
  6. Inspection
    Each garment is formally inspected with a keen eye individually at order completion to assure that Net Express provides you with the finest in craftsmanship and attended to your preferences.
  7. Packaging
    Most garments are individually protected with a poly robe or a poly sachet if folded. We make extensive use of tissue, hangers and special bags and boxes in order to ensure your garments’ safe return to your wardrobe. However we do take steps to minimize the packaging in areas where quality standards will not be compromised and that we undertake to recycle and minimize waste wherever possible.