The Art of Wedding Dress Cleaning



  1. It is important to have your wedding dress cleaned within a month maximum after your wedding. Eventually, stains do set and become impossible to remove.
  2. Never store your dress in a plastic bag as it gets damaged by mold.
  3. Use a drycleaner that has bridal expertise for wedding dress cleaning.
  4. Run away from any dry cleaner who posts a sign that states, “We are not responsible for buttons, beads and trim.”
  5. Don’t use a cleaner who preserves your dress and doesn’t allow you to open the storage box. Don’t you want to be able to show your daughter your wedding dress?
  6. Wash your hands or wear cotton gloves before handling your cleaned wedding dress. Oil from your hands has the ability to discolor your dress over time.
  7. Never store your dress in an attic or a basement. Attics are always too hot, and basements too damp. There are no exceptions. Even finished basements that look dry are too damp.